Trading & Order

Vitec trading & order management system for trading through several channels in a single system

Vitec supplies a complete system solution for professional and efficient trading & order management, so that you can trade on stock exchanges and via brokers through a single system. Our system is the most widely used solution in Denmark, and it is used very successfully by more than 15 customers.

Our system meets the requirements for securities trading both on stock exchanges connected to NASDAQ OMX and via brokers. We cater for all types of market participants: customer and interbank dealers, market makers and bond issuers, who can operate using all trading methods that the system supports via efficient trading processes, which provides optimal security, while also boosting both top-line and bottom-line results.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and we put together a system package that is customised to meet precisely your requirements for:

  • A full market overview through our unique market summary, which contains consolidated information about optional securities
  • Access to a large number of detailed summaries that provide further information about the market status of individual securities
  • Setting up the system in accordance with your specific requirements for system integrations with Back Offices, Brokers or professional customers, so that “straight through processing” and “one-point-of-entry” are achieved, which reduces the time used for administration while also reducing the operational risk
  • Increased productivity as well as simplified and more efficient day-to-day activities through automated procedures and routines
  • Online decision-making support through integration of information from external sources
  • Monitoring and quality assurance, including trailing and checking all transactions via control and audit trails as well as transaction and log lists
  • Integration with existing system architecture with well-defined interfaces
  • Integration with treasury/asset management systems to achieve an overall integrated solution
  • A user-friendly system that is continuously developed
  • Scaling of business volume for growth strategy support

The Vitec trading & order management system does not only add value to our customers’ operations. It also has well-defined interfaces that are customised for our customers’ existing system architecture.