Vitec support ensures high uptime and secure operation

Support is a decisive parameter when it comes to choosing a new supplier of capital market solutions. You should obviously ensure that you have access to see the functions of the system before you decide on the choice of system. But you should also clarify how the day-to-day support will be provided and the level of service that you can expect from your new system supplier as well as the costs connected with this.

We are known for having the best support on the market. Our experienced service account managers understand your processes and systems in advance, so that they can provide you with the proper assistance regarding all aspects of the systems by asking the right questions and providing the right answers.

Speed is a decisive factor, and we provide quick and qualified response, so that you can get on with your work, or we examine what is needed to get the system up and running again. In this connection, we always assess the source of the fault or defect, so that you can subsequently follow up on this. This provides an opportunity for learning and development of best practice in your organisation.

Vitec has a joint interest with our customers in quick and efficient support, and we focus on rapid action. No one is interested in lengthy support cases. We therefore offer a full palette of support services ranging right from normal opening hours to 24-7-365 support, where support requests are dealt with regardless of when they are made. The secure solution for the uncompromising customer.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industries through longstanding close cooperation, with industry players, and several of our employees have been employed in these industries. This means that we can offer qualified knowledge in connection with our support and that we do not simply pass the ball back and forth. Our goal is satisfied customers, and we have an excellent track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

We can provide non-binding contact to a number of reference customers who have experience with our support.