Vitec services provide efficient and secure implementation and operation

As one of the leading suppliers of capital market solutions in the Nordic countries, Vitec is very aware that more than just a choice of capital market solutions is at stake. Choosing a supplier of capital market solutions also entails choosing a long-term cooperation partner. We are closely involved in the efficient implementation and use of our capital market systems, as this ensures satisfied customers.

We have the resources to support you, and we know exactly what is required to ensure that our demanding customers achieve efficient and secure operations. We are known on the market for our provision of exceptional services in:

  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Hosting
  • Training

We have in-depth knowledge of the industries through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and several of our employees have been employed in these industries. This means that the service that we provide to you is closely geared to your day-to-day activities and operations.

Services may only constitute a small part of the overall budget when you choose to switch to a new supplier of capital market solutions, but it is an investment that means that you are quickly up and running operationally and that you achieve the highest possible return on your investment in a new capital market platform.

We can also provide non-binding contact to a number of reference customers who have experience with our services.