Private banking

Vitec private banking systems for efficient management and reporting of customer agreements

Vitec supplies a complete system solution for professional and efficient handling of private banking/asset management. Our most complex solution handles 100,000 customer agreements, and we have a long track record of satisfied customers.

Our solutions make it possible to use more time on advising customers and increasing their assets, as our solutions result in optimisation and quality assurance of internal processes. This creates customer loyalty through optimised risk management of portfolios and ensures both top-line and bottom–line growth.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and we put together a system package that is customised to meet precisely your requirements for:

  • Marketing and sales of various investment strategies to customers and consequently the possibility of optimising turnover and earnings
  • Online support of customer consultancy services ranging from overall exposure to focus on individual liability items or asset items
  • Differentiated reporting and communication with customers, including reporting of fees and information letters, and with use of the latest technologies in online messaging
  • Consultancy system for handling customers and customer segments
  • Online access that allows customers to have an overview of their portfolio
  • Scaling of business volume for growth strategy support
  • Real-time operation and management of customer portfolios via STP (straight through processing)
  • Monitoring and quality assurance of processes in relation to the legislation that applies to private banking and risk management
  • Integration with other operating systems/system architecture and simple creation of customer agreements

Vitec private banking systems do not only add value to our customers’ activities. They are also customised for our customers’ existing system architecture, which makes it possible to reuse important information for customer data management in our customer’s CRM system, thus avoiding redundancy in connection with storage and updating of customer agreement data.