Vitec hosting ensures efficient and financially optimal operation of capital market systems

Once you have chosen a supplier of capital market solutions, it is a good idea to examine the possibility of buying hosting services from the same supplier. By choosing hosting from your system supplier, you ensure that you can hold one single supplier responsible for the provision of efficient and optimal operation of the system with a high uptime.

The level of hosting that you can expect from your system supplier and the costs for this must obviously be settled in advance, but the decisive factor is that your supplier can follow the development in your business.

Vitec hosting is on a level with the services offered by the largest suppliers on the market. The hosting provided by Vitec is financially competitive and one of the best in terms of security. You therefore have an opportunity to optimise the operation of your capital market system by having your Vitec system hosted at Vitec.

We are known for having the best support on the market, and we can supplement this with hosting. We offer a number of hosting packages, which can, to some extent, be customised for the individual customer and be extended in line with an increase in the scope and/or data quantity of the solution. Our experienced service account managers are ready to assess the possibilities of hosting your system by asking the right questions about the current and future operation of the system.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industries through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and several of our employees have been employed in these industries. This means that we can offer qualified knowledge about integration with your own system infrastructure from our hosting and that we do not merely pass the ball on to someone else. Our goal is satisfied customers, and we have an excellent track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

We can provide non-binding contact to a number of reference customers who have experience with our hosting.