Vitec instruction and training ensure optimal operation of systems and minimise unnecessary support

Once you have chosen a new capital market system, because it offers a number of advantages over your existing system, you must obviously also ensure that your employees learn how to use it through an instruction and training course. We incorporate an employee training course as a natural part of the implementation process, so that we ensure that they feel confident with the systems from day 1. You can also supplement this with company-specific training.

The teaching method may be group based, if desired, but especially our workshops have shown to be a highly efficient teaching method. In these workshops, the users can present direct wishes or ask specific questions that can make it easier for them to use the system, while they familiarise themselves with it. This is a realistic and modern teaching method that has gradually become very popular in our processes.

Workshops may also result in new ideas, which we very willingly implement as part of future upgrading projects and/or incorporate as part of future new versions of our systems. This interactive process is an opportunity for Vitec to receive direct user input for further development of the products – a process in which both existing and new customers will experience Vitec as a highly flexible and competent partner that is constantly looking for new possibilities for improvements.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industries through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and several of our employees have been employed in these industries. This means that we can offer qualified knowledge in connection with instruction and training that is closely linked to the users’ day-to-day activities. Our goal is satisfied customers, and we have an excellent track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

We can provide non-binding contact to a number of reference customers who have experience with our instruction and training.