Case - NKT Holding

SUPERPORT is the backbone of NKT Holding’s Treasury Management.

NKT Holding started working with Vitec in 1998. NKT Holding’s Group Treasury employs four people, making it one of the largest Treasury organisations in the country.

NKT has expanded and adjusted their solution as requirements has changed over the years. NKT appreciates:

  • Employees’ time is spent where it gives the most value to the business
  • User-friendlyness and easy to understand system
  • Integration and automisation – especially regarding FX trading and internal banking
  • That Vitec succeeds in taking care of everything with IT, making it easy for the customer

We are constantly reviewing whether Vitec’s SUPERPORT system is the best solution for us. So far there have not been any alternative solutions more attractive from a cost-benefit perspective. SUPERPORT basically delivers what we need.

Torben Skovsted, Head of Group Treasury, NKT Holding A/S

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