Bank Treasury

Vitec bank treasury systems for performance measurement, risk management and reporting

Vitec supplies a complete system solution for professional and efficient bank treasury management. Our systems are used by some of the largest players on the financial markets in the Nordic countries.

Our solutions facilitate performance measurement, risk management, management reporting and financial reporting. This improves your efficiency, so that you can optimise the time that you use on strategic work, and it also enhances the efficiency and quality assurance of internal processes. This gives you the best possible basis for making the right decisions in time, which, in turn, will boost top-line and bottom-line results and ensure that you meet public authority requirements.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry through longstanding close cooperation with industry players, and we put together a system package that is customised to meet precisely your requirements for:

  • Increased productivity as well as simplified and more efficient day-to-day activities through automated procedures and routines
  • Secure administration and automatic transactions of even huge and complex portfolios
  • Intuitive analysis and reporting tools for management of risk and return on all asset types
  • Online decision-making support ranging from overall exposure to focus on individual positions
  • Handling of several foreign currencies in the same system/portfolio
  • Monitoring and quality assurance, including trailing and checking internal and external authorisations and all transactions via control and audit trails as well as transaction and log lists
  • Integration with existing system architecture with well-defined interfaces
  • Scaling of business volume for growth strategy support

Vitec bank treasury management systems do not only add value to our customers’ efficiency. They also have well-defined interfaces that are customised for our customers’ existing system architecture. This makes it possible to reuse important information for risk management, thus avoiding redundancy in connection with storage and updating of data.